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Due to the buzz around the comic book gift 2006, which is dedicated to 30 years of Storm, the media has picked up the news about a new artist working on Storm. Therefore this official anouncement on our website.

The artist who is working on part 23 of Storm ‘The ring of Fire’ is.... Romano Molenaar.

Romano Molenaar (34) is a Dutch artist who is well known for the comics he made for Chaos!Comics and TopCow. He worked on Lady Death, Witchblade, X-men en Wolverine. Right now he’s working as an artdirector with a computer games company and hasd committed himself to explore the world of Storm. The first pages of The ring of Fire, written by Martin Lodewijk are on his drawer’s desk and Romano is making good progress. However Romano finds it more difficult then he had expected. Especially his colouring takes more of his time.

In the comicbookgift, given away for free from May 19 till June 10 we will tell you more about Romano’s artwork for Storm.

Romano signing at the comic con in Rijswijk. Storm by Romano. Storm by Romano. The final cover of the comic gift 2006.




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