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   Just 75




After Don decided to become a comic artist he bought a few western comics and redrew the pages. With these pages he visited a few publishers but received no offers of work. However, editor Edward (Ted) Holes of Amalgamated press referred Don to Mick Anglo of the Gower street Studio. Don then spent the next four years working for Mick Anglo on the super-hero strip, ‘Marvelman’. After a falling out with Anglo, Don returned to Ted Holmes who was astonished at the improvement in the quality of his artwork. He started right away and drew ‘Billy the Kid’ for Sun Weekly. All kinds of other series followed like ‘Wells Fargo’, ‘Pony Express’, ‘Olac the Gladiator’ and ‘Karl the Viking’. In the sixties Don's star rose as a comic artist and he was asked by his agent Temple Art Agency to draw ‘The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire’. This period of his life was one of tight deadlines, irresponsible behaviour, mistresses and too much alcohol. But, it was the sixties and Don had a lot of fun working on those Trigan pages.